Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt
Unisex black cotton t-shirt

Creole Unisex t-shirt


Pure ingredients

Our product is crafted using only the finest pure ingredients, ensuring purity and quality in every bite.

Custom Creole & Cajun products

Experience the rich and authentic flavors of Creole & Cajun cuisine with our custom-made products, blending tradition with innovation for a truly unique taste sensation.

Sustainable Packaging

Committed to sustainability, our packaging is eco-friendly, reducing environmental impact without compromising on style or functionality.

Stories of our community

Quick and easy ordering, followed with prompt shipping. I must say they’re delicious and melt in my mouth. In addition, I didn’t have to leave home to find them.

Jeremy W.

I attended the luncheon yesterday at the Market at Tops. The sample of Creole-ish praline was delicious. My husband said this was the closest anyone has come to matching his mom’s pralines in taste, color, and texture. We will be placing orders for our out of state friends and purchasing locally at the Attakapas Collective! Thanks for the opportunity to learn about your products.

Brenda H.

I never would have thought one of my new favorite desserts will be a praline . I have had pralines before but WOW, these are on another level, sinfully delicious !!! You can taste all the love and premium ingredients that it took to make such a delightful treat . Louisiana Creole Pecan Candy will forever be a permanent dessert in my home . I can’t wait to share this treasure of a dessert with the rest of my loved ones .

Tony P.

Heritage Room Spray

Indulge in the captivating essence of Creole ish Store’s Heritage Room Spray.



Do you offer wholesale pricing?

Yes, we do offer wholesale pricing. Wholesale pricing is only available for established businesses with a federal ein.

If we buy wholesale, will all items come with barcodes?

Short answer is yes! All items that will be sold, will have barcodes. Sidenote, if you need candy crumbs for recipes, we sell those also! We suggest sending an email toinfo@louisianacreolecandy.com for more information.

I am a buyer for a business and would like to know if you offer gift boxes for retail along with candy packaging to hang on an end cap?

Yes, we offer both. We work with you all for specifications on the gift boxes and etc. If you would like more information, please emailinfo@louisianacreolecandy.com.

What is the average shelf life of your product ?

While shelf life depends on the elements, we can ensure that storing the candy in temperatures between 70-75 degrees fahrenheit, will yield 3 months of freshness. If you are freezing the candy, you can expect the candy to be good for 6 months. For the BBQ sauce, our shelf life is for 3 years where the industry average is 1.5 years.

Do you have a physical location?

No, just offices in Lafayette, La, New Orleans, La, and Atlanta, Ga. But we have stores across the United States along with Amazon selling our products.

Is it true you all offer vegan options? 

Why yes, it is true! We are the first and only Pecan Candy aka Pralines company  to offer vegan pralines! You have to try them, you will be shocked with disbelief how great they are! P.S. We have more vegan options on the horizon in addition to our flagship Magnolia Vegan!