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The owner is a friend of mine and when he told me that he was selling pecan candy I was pleasantly surprised: I had no idea that he was creative in that way! Of course, I wanted to support him but I only bought 3 just in case I didn't like them. That was mistake number one. I should have bought, like, 6. So, after flying through the first two, and to stop me from eating the last one, I stuck my final pecan candy in the freezer so that it would be out of sight, out of mind. That was mistake number two. Because now I REALLY want to eat that last one but I have to wait for it to thaaaaw! The flavor of the first bite immediately zapped my tongue and I was taken aback. Like, if I had to explain what it's like eating one of these pecan candies, I would have to put it like...if your palate is a sailboat, then the sugary part of the pecan candy is like an indulgent ocean while the pecans are like intermittent sandbars that you can rest upon to savor the flavor. I know that description is dramatic but that's how I remember experiencing it *shrugs*. My word of advice to you would be to learn from my mistake: Order double of what you anticipate desiring or you'll end up desperate for more like I have!

Sam J.

Quick and easy ordering, followed with prompt shipping. I must say they’re delicious and melt in my mouth. In addition, I didn’t have to leave home to find them.

Jeremy W.

I attended the luncheon yesterday at the Market at Tops. The sample of Creole-ish praline was delicious. My husband said this was the closest anyone has come to matching his mom’s pralines in taste, color, and texture. We will be placing orders for our out of state friends and purchasing locally at the Attakapas Collective! Thanks for the opportunity to learn about your products.

Brenda H.

I never would have thought one of my new favorite desserts will be a praline . I have had pralines before but WOW, these are on another level, sinfully delicious !!! You can taste all the love and premium ingredients that it took to make such a delightful treat. Louisiana Creole Pecan Candy will forever be a permanent dessert in my home. I can’t wait to share this treasure of a dessert with the rest of my loved ones.

Tony P.

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